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Pearl Bling!

Pearl Bling! Pearl Jewelry

About Us


Thank you for dropping by! This little venture of mine was birthed out of my absolute addiction to watching live pearl parties! As a person with disabilities, I knew I could never shuck those oysters without pain.  Then I stumbled across one vendor offering pre-shucked pearls! Hope! 

Something Different

I was delighted when I finally located a pearl farmer that was able to supply just the pearls. In many ways, pearls without the oyster packaging is more environmentally responsible.  The shipping carbon footprint is less as is the monumental amounts of trash being spared from local landfills.  

The oysters are treated with formaldehyde to preserve them.  It is a known carcinogen and is highly regulated in the United States.  Oyster free pearls protect me and my family from exposure and keeps formaldehyde from leeching in the landfill.  Plus no plastic vacuum packs! 

Lastly, from a humane perspective, most cultured pearls are farmed by the hundreds in one huge mollusk.  Once they are harvested, sorted and dyed, they are then placed into young/small mollusks to appease the markets in the West. Our pearls get to skip that step! 

Overjoyed Customers

If you are anything like me, I have a bag full of pearls that I accumulated trying to get a coral pearl to match a dress.  Being able to choose the pearl you want might just save you some money and provide you with the look you were seeking for an outfit or special event. 

We we look forward to working with you to insure that you are excited and delighted with your purchases!